Professional Design and Web Development provided with a weighty smile.

I've always liked to draw. I've always enjoyed building and fixing things, and solving problems too.

Following that path, I received my BFA in Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Certificate in Full Stack Web Development from the University of MN Coding Bootcamp in 2018. For years, I have been providing Web and Graphic Design solutions for various businesses and organizations. I have a rich body of work, a friendly personality, and a vast knowledge of trivia.

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with an emphasis in Front End, UI/UX Design, able to build and theme fully functional applications with a database backend, from mockup to rollout. Adept at implementing projects with diverse teams within agile methodologies or independently.

Not least, I also provide highly-skilled Graphic Design and Illustration, proven in a wide variety of business and professional settings.

Check out my résumé and printable sample pages (or the 20.4mb HD version). I always have references available — call or email me. Member, AIGA Minnesota, Twin Cities Drupal user group.

Full Stack Web Development Certificate - Coding Boot Camp


Tweaking HTML & CSS for years, I updated my skills bigly in the 2018 U of MN Coding Bootcamp, training in the latest Full Stack technologies, including Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB and React.

I can build and theme custom, responsive websites and apps, or jump into existing projects using the latest technologies. I have particular experience using Drupal with client sites.

I provide highly skilled, experienced print design services from concept to completion. I've made brochures, catalogs, packaging, print ads and more. I can handle whatever you may need.

My special passion is making boldly styled illustrations, using both digital tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) and various traditional media such as pencil, marker and paint.

Bosses have nicknamed me "Logo Joe", if that says anything. I have deep training and experience in brand development and preparing identity system and guidelines.

Stat cameras to Photoshop, keylining to press checks, I've done it all. If you need, say, a large, complex catalog fleshed out from a rough layout and a list of products, I'm your man.

High functioning creative teams need people like Joe Pfahl. He's solid, dependable and would be a great hire.


During the five years that I worked closely with Joe, I always found him to be a talented designer, illustrator and production artist, and a really nice guy. From e-blasts to trade show graphics, he shows a vast range of technical knowledge and creativity, the ability to meet tight deadlines, and a strong attention to detail. In addition, Joe is an independent worker, but works well in a team setting. Joe thinks outside the box, he’s flexible and open to new ideas, and he always goes the distance to ensure clients are happy!



Location Minneapolis, MN, USA   Phone 612-244-9981   e-mail   LinkedIn profile  LinkedIn